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When Christopher Columbus discovered the small lush Caribbean Island as we now know as Nevis he gave the Island a name derived from Nieves as from a distance the clouds surrounding the remote peak gave the impression that it was snow-capped. The reality is that the Island has never seen snow and enjoys tropical conditions all year around. When James Brown arrived in England from the Island of Nevis to join other family members, he had never heard of snow and the fact that the Island of his birth was derived from the Spanish word for snow, but he had never seen white flakes falling from the sky, the reality then hit James and the reality was freezing cold!

Although James battled with the weather and dreamt of the warm seas and sunny conditions back home, he realised that the thriving city where he now resides offered him opportunities. James set about following the basic instructions that his mother had given him of staying out of trouble, be respectful to your elders, don’t go to jail and make sure that you get a good education. James did not disappoint his mother.

James started his working career working with young children in the care of the local authority who have been abused emotionally and physically and he also worked with adults with learning disabilities.

Moving forward to more recent years James established a successful social care business that provides services for local authorities to people with learning disabilities and has provided work for hundreds of people over the years. Although James considers England to be his home now, he has still maintained his roots back in Nevis and has established businesses on the Island providing services for students and holiday makers and provided employment and opportunity for his fellow Nevisians.

While growing up in the UK James would often marvel at Newspaper articles that mentioned Nevis and was bemused that the place was the destination for the Jet Set. Although its alleged Christopher Columbus discovered the Island, it was Princes Diana that put the Island on the map as she featured on the front page of daily tabloids with headlines such as “Beauty and the Beach”.

The local Nevisians will tell you that one of the best things that elevated the island was Princess Diana’s visit with her two sons Prince William and Prince Harry. Princess Diana, jetted to Nevis for a holiday with her sons William and Harry to unwind as well as to escape from the paparazzi after her divorce from Prince Charles. Princess Diana, later to become (Lady Diana) and the many other famous A list visitors visited the lovely Nevis.

In more recent years the island has been enjoyed by Canadian Premier, Justin Pierre James Trudeau, Meryl Streep, Jay Z, & Beyonce, Ellen, Britney Spears, Michael Douglas and Eric Claption.

The island offers a warm welcome and sunny conditions, not to mention a variety of adventures for holiday makers to participate in including:

Horse trekking, cycling, scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, Jet ski tours, island hopping, hiking Nevis peak .

Nevis Adventures launched their package holiday adventure website in April 2015 and we have been busy with developing our customer base and provides adventure holidays for hundreds of happy customers.

We work in collaboration with the Islands leading suppliers of independent accommodation, Travel Logistics and Activities to enable a one stop shop for holidays with added adventure!

James is ecstatic of the launch of his latest business venture that is based in the North of England and promotes the island and adventures that Nevis has to offer which coincides with the announcement that Prince Harry is set to return to the Island as part of his Caribbean Tour on behalf of the Queen. Social Media has already gone on meltdown with the prospect of the Prince visiting the Island:

Where Is Nevis? Many people have never heard of Nevis!

Nevis is an island in the Caribbean, located near the northern end of the Lesser Antilles, approximately 220 miles (350 km) southeast of Puerto Rico and 50 miles (80 km) West of Antigua. The 36 square-mile (93 km²) island is part of the inner arc of the Leeward Islands chain of the West Indies. The capital of Nevis is called Charlestown. Nevis has a mountain attraction called Nevis Peak which is 3,232ft and can be seen from pretty much any location on the island! The peak is a must see for anyone visiting Nevis and while is possible to hike (or climb) up independently, James recommends getting a guide as the trails are not clearly marked and he would advise tourists to acquire a guide to ensure they don’t get lost.

Prince Harry set for official Caribbean tour on behalf of the Queen

Prince Harry will return to Nevis where he enjoyed one of the last family holidays with his brother William and his mother as he visits the Caribbean in late autumn this year.

The Prince will be travelling on behalf of the Queen and will visit 8 islands, including Nevis, (Kensington Palace announced early September.)

The news of Prince Harry upcoming tour of the Caribbean has sent female fans into a frenzy on social media.

UK Team

James Brown

James Brown was born in Nevis and moved to the U.K as a young adult. James had two main motivations; Passion and Love. He was passionate about working with children and local communities and his love was the Island in the Caribbean, his homeland, Nevis.

He didn’t come from a wealthy background, in fact, he came from humble beginnings. His “Passion” and his “Love” were the only two things which fuelled him to the success he has achieved today.

James decided to begin the journey with what he was passionate about. His “Passion” – working within the local communities with children, young people and vulnerable adults within the care of the Local Authorities. He also worked as an Independent Investigating Officer for the Children’s Society. James worked exceedingly hard to build a successful social care business offering services of support to vulnerable adults with learning disabilities, supporting them to improve their quality of life and to be included in the communities and the wider society.

He became very experienced and successful in his venture and able to give something back to the community. For nearly 20 years he has been working closely with various local Authorities in the North of England supporting children who were in the care of Local Authorities during their transition from adolescents through to adulthood.

He decided to organise reciprocal youth exchange projects with young people from the UK to Nevis/Jamaica in the Caribbean for people aged 16+. The success of the project took him back to his roots in the tropical Island of Nevis which led him to form Nevis Adventures.

Today Nevis Adventures offers various holiday packages from tourist attractions, to adventure filled breaks for the whole family. Nevis Adventures offer everything from accommodation, to car rentals, to water sports and other recreational activities for you to enjoy as a couple, group, or a family at a budget which suits everyone’s needs.
Thank you for reading my journey.


Beatrice’s passion for travel began after spending numerous holidays and a prolonged stay to conduct her dissertation research in Nevis; the birth place of her father James. Although Beatrice has travelled extensively, she always felt a sense of pride and joy when basking in the Nevisian sun.

Combing her love of travel with adventure and outdoor activities allows Beatrice to explore beautiful areas off the beaten track, seldom seen by other tourists. Cycling, climbing, walking and kayaking offer her opportunities to enjoy the stunning surroundings and sounds of nature. She is in her element outdoors, leading likeminded people indulging in a mutual love for being at one with nature.

Beatrice has a varied background, graduating from Newcastle University and embarking on a career in the voluntary sector and in social care (following in her father’s footsteps!). When away from the office, Beatrice volunteers her time as one of our Travel Consultants, tailoring our clients’ visits to Nevis, creating magical memories and ensuring they have the best time possible.

Nevis Team

Juliet – Concierge

Once you arrive at the dock on Oualie Beach, Nevis, you will be greeted by our Concierge (Juliet) who has worked for Nevis a number of years. She will transfer you to your accommodation which is only a couple of minutes away. She will be your day to day contact for all your booking requirements and any issues you may have to make sure your stay with us is as pleasant and enjoyable as it can be (stress-free)

Bantan – Chauffeur

Once you arrive at St Kitts Airport, have cleared customs and collected your luggage you will be met by our Chauffeur, Bantan who will assist you on the first part of your the transfer journey.

Our Chauffeur (Bantan) who has several years’ experience in the travel and tourism industry. He will drive you along the direct, but scenic route along St. Kitts east peninsula to Reggae Beach. This is an awesome route, with stunning views over towards Nevis in the distance. The views are instantly recognisable from television travel programmes.

At Reggae Beach you will board a private speed boat/water taxi to Oualie Beach Nevis which will take an exhilarating six (6) minutes for the short crossing over to Nevis. The crew are very helpful and friendly, transferring our guest’s bags, cases on and off the boat and they will also provide a complementary drink of your choice include the local Carib Beer.

The crossing will typically be smooth, calm and an indulging ride over waters which offer tremendous views of Nevis Island and all its natural essences. You will get the chance to emerge the true beauty of Nevis and take in vibrant smells and endure heaven on earth!

Your journey from Robert Bradshaw Airport to Reggae Beach

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