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Nevis offers the most dive sites, with wrecks and alternate sheltered areas on the Caribbean side when the seas are rough on the Atlantic side or in The Narrows. Nevis dive sites are more vulnerable to swells when the winds are high, even on its Caribbean side, but currents are usually light and sites are spectacular.

Average visibility is 80 to 100 feet, with exceptional water clarity at the cut and offshore Caribbean and Atlantic reefs. Water temperature is 80-85 degrees year-round. Depths for scuba range from 30 to 90 feet, averaging 50 feet. Certification, referrals and resort course with PADI and NAUI instructors are offered. The average boat trip to a dive site takes 15 minutes

Daily 2 tank dives to reefs, wrecks, canyons, hot springs and drop offs. All dives are boat dives led by qualified dive masters. Our diving is diverse, with ledges, mini-walls, white holes teeming with fish, caves and drift diving in some area. Most reefs on the Atlantic side and offshore on the Caribbean side are pristine, with monster-sized sea fans and sponges growing over piles of lava rocks. Regularly visited reef and wreck sites are on the sheltered Caribbean side of the islands and in the cut (“The Narrows”) between Nevis and St. Kitts, but trips to the Atlantic side where the mysterious white holes lie and large pelagic are encountered may be arranged when seas are calm.

FISHING offers unique deep- sea fishing opportunities in Nevis and St Kitts with a large number of different fish species, there are many options depending on the type of fishing you are interested in participating. Fishing from large open concept boats is a very comfortable and memorable experience weather you are new to fishing or an experienced fisherman/woman


Sunset Ride
This 90 minute ride takes you mostly on the beach from north to south and then reversed. Start times depend
on the time of year and be sure to bring your camera! Our sunset ride will require that all riders must be at our stable
by 4:15. If there are more than 4 people you need to be to us by 4:00 p.m. The ride will leave the stable
NO LATER THAN 4:30 p.m. We will not take a ride out any later than 4:30 p.m. to avoid riding in the dark and risking
a safety issue for our riders and horses.
Beach & Trail
Beginners to experienced, ages 6 yrs and older – ride on the beach, on historic trails and through Nevisian villages.
Bring the kids! We specialise in family group rides.
Private Riding
Riders with skills above the beginner/novice level may choose to do more than a walk. If that is the case you can trot,
canter and gallop on a ride tailored to your level.


985 meters (3,231 ft.) high climbing the peak whilst exploring the beautiful island from an angle which you never
experienced before. Glance at the stunning views from a distance and the beautiful Caribbean Sea.
Join us on our hike up to Nevis peak and fulfil your creative purpose and indulge in a lifetime experience. Along the
way you’ll be introduced to plant and animal species natural to these elevations and conditions and the panoramic
views of Nevis and neighbouring islands.
View the fields of desolation locally known as “Maroon”. Ropes tied along the trail and mud slides give the adventure
seeker a hint of things to come as we venture up the slopes of Nevis Peak.


Nevis is focused on providing you with an authentic and satisfying Caribbean Island Tour experience. Our selection
includes tours of historical sites, rain forest hikes, ATV adventures, boat charters, zip lines island tours and custom
made tours. With Nevis Adventures you see a side of St. Kitts and Nevis that you can see nowhere-else.
Look around the website choose and book your tour or excursion and if you have any questions or comments please
do not hesitate to contact us.


Biking in Nevis is not only perfect for family and leisurely cycling when you’re on holiday in Nevis,
an idyllic island in the Caribbean, but also for serious biking holiday adventure. Nevis, if you are a triathlon enthusiast,
is a Caribbean triathlon hotspot.
The unspoilt island of Nevis offers a great choice of biking tracks and cycling trails to suit everyone, no matter what
level of fitness and ability, so whether your interest is mountain biking or casual cycling, road biking or triathlon,
our company is there to make your vacation as action-packed and fun-filled as you want.
The roads in Nevis are not busy so pleasant to casually cycle on, and the Nevis island main road is also ideally suited
to the increasing number of resident and visiting ‘roadies’ – there are Trek road bikes, MTB or Hybrids available to rent.


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