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Bath House and Spring Bath

Built in 1778, the Bath Hotel was once a playground for the rich and famous who came to Nevis to take in the therapeutic, hot spring baths.

Guests would come by ship from throughout the West Indies and Europe for this pleasurable experience.

John Huggins, a merchant and aristocrat built the large, stone hotel at a cost of 43,000 “island” pounds, and surrounded it with lush landscaping, statuary, and goldfish ponds. The hotel was 200 feet long and 60 feet wide.

Dignitaries such as Lord Nelson, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Prince William Henry, who was the Duke of Clarence, visited the hotel in its heyday.

With the downturn of the sugar industry, Nevis stepped into the world of tourism with this hotel, which flourished for about 60 years. Since then the hotel has had various uses, reopening as a hotel from 1912 until 1940. It was used as training centre for the West Indian regiment during World War II, and most recently, the temporary headquarters of the Nevis police while the new station was built.

Within the compound of the Bath Hotel is the Spring House, a two story masonry structure which was constructed from local hand cut stones. This building sits on the bank of the Bath Stream. The facility comprises of five thermal baths whose source of water springs from the base of the house. The spring water is reputed to contain minerals of medicinal value and is known to have cured chronic rheumatism. Its water temperature ranges from 104F to 108F hence the reason why the Spring House was used significantly by visitors and locals alike. Click for further information

Alexander Hamilton House

This two-story Georgian style building was the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton in 1757.

Later in his life he helped draft the U.S. Constitution and was the first secretary of the Treasury. He was an outspoken advocate of the emancipation of slavery.

The building today, known as Hamilton House, houses one of the island’s two museums on the first floor.

The lovely stone building was built around 1680, but was destroyed in an earthquake in 1840, and was restored in 1983. Its historic value coupled with its beautiful setting on Charlestown harbour make it an island treasure and a delightful place to spend an afternoon. Click for further information

Botanical Gardens, Nevis

Welcome to the Botanical Gardens of Nevis. Discover the beauty and diversity of the tropical plant kingdom against the dramatic backdrop of Mt. Nevis. A short journey from Charlestown and major resorts will bring you to the ideal place to sightsee, relax, and shop in a glorious tropical garden. The Gardens are a beautiful and tranquil oasis, full of tropical flowers and shrubs, orchid terraces, dolphin fountains and water lily ponds.

The Gardens are situated on land originally belonging to the Montpelier Estates where, further up the road, a young Horatio Nelson married Fanny Nesbit in 1797. The five-acre gardens contain a variety of tropical plants whose origins span the globe and where the cascades, dolphin fountains, and water lilies will delight you.

There are spectacular flowering trees and shrubs including the Flamboyant or Poinciana, Delonix regia, the national flower of St. Kitts and Nevis and named after Monsieur de Poincy, the first French Governor of St. Kitts, who is said to have introduced it to the region. The shaded Orchid Terraces are bejewelled with colourful bromeliads and orchid blossoms and there are over 100 species of palms. Click for further information


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What do Princess Diana Prince William Prince Harry Meryl Streep Jay Z & Beyoncé Britney Spears Michael Douglas and Eric Clapton all have in common? They all holiday in Nevis!
They all holiday in

The Caribbean’s best kept secret

Where Is Nevis?

Nevis is an island approximately 150 miles south east of the Virgin Islands, and 50 miles south west of Antigua. Nevis Peak is 3232’ high and has extensive tropical rain forest and hiking trails. The island is surrounded by what can be best describe as beautiful sandy beaches and clear, warm Caribbean blue waters.

Nevis, along with Saint Kitts, forms the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The two islands are separated by a shallow 2-mile (3.22 km) channel, known as “The Narrows”. Nevis has a mountain attraction called Nevis Peak which is 3,232ft and can be seen from pretty much any location on the island.

The peak is a must see for anyone visiting Nevis and while it’s possible to hike (or climb) up independently, we recommend getting a guide as the trails aren’t clearly marked and we would advise tourists to acquire a guide to ensure you don’t get lost.

The whole round trip route can takes around five hours, but you can opt for a shorter hike.

Please be aware that while the beginning section of the trail is not very challenging, the final stage is quite steep and very gruelling. However, the silk cotton trees, tropical plants and waterfalls along the way will inspire you along your way.


The island is small with friendly and welcoming people and is only 36 square miles and has a population of 13,000. Nevis and its sister island Saint Kitts count as one country: the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis.


Nevis is located within the eastern part of the Caribbean and the days average approximately 85 degrees F and at nights the pleasant tropical temperatures around 73 degrees F. Humidity is very low. Between November and May are the driest months, rain averages 48 inches.

The Caribbean has long been one of most coveted destinations for those seeking deep blue sea year round sunshine, where the temperature is a constant 85°F.

A-list visitors to Nevis were no doubt attracted by its beauty, intimacy, warm and sunny days.

From horse riding, scuba diving, deep sea fishing ‘under the sea’’ snorkelling, cruise coastline tours of Nevis, jet ski and rainforest hikes, there’s more than enough to keep you busy if you fancy something a bit more strenuous than topping up your tan on a sun lounger.

We are confident that you will feel at home in Nevis after a few hours of your arrival on the island. The locals people are ridiculously cheerful, welcoming and will talk to you about their island with pride and passion.

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Guest can also visit Nevis waterfalls and there are numerous historical sites such as the heritage village, New River, Bath Stream, Bath Hotel and Fort Charles.

Remember there are many restaurants that offers delicious local cuisines.

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