Meet the Team

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Beatrice’s passion for travel began after spending numerous holidays and a prolonged stay to conduct her dissertation research in Nevis; the birth place of her father James. Although Beatrice has travelled extensively, she always felt a sense of pride and joy when basking in the Nevisian sun.

Combing her love of travel with adventure and outdoor activities allows Beatrice to explore beautiful areas off the beaten track, seldom seen by other tourists. Cycling, climbing, walking and kayaking offer her opportunities to enjoy the stunning surroundings and sounds of nature. She is in her element outdoors, leading likeminded people indulging in a mutual love for being at one with nature.

Beatrice has a varied background, graduating from Newcastle University and embarking on a career in the voluntary sector and in social care (following in her father’s footsteps!). When away from the office, Beatrice volunteers her time as one of our Travel Consultants, tailoring our clients visits to Nevis, creating magical memories and ensuring they have the best time possible.

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