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985 meters (3,231 ft.) high climbing the peak whilst exploring the beautiful island from an angle which you never experienced before. Glance at the stunning views from a distance and the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Join us on our hike up to Nevis peak and fulfil your adventure spirit and indulge in a lifetime experience. Along the way you’ll be introduced to plant and animal species natural to these elevations and conditions and the panoramic views of Nevis and neighbouring islands.
View the fields of desolation locally known as “Maroon”. Ropes tied along the trail and mud slides give the adventure seeker a hint of things to come as we venture up the slopes of Nevis Peak.

On our hiking trek you will experience spectacular views from the top of Nevis Peak. We can also take you along a nature trail to visit cocoa trees, healing plants, bamboo fields, and many different herbs. You will also see the rainforest waterfalls and you will also have a choice to taste the water as you walk along the trail!
The hike is perfect for all levels of hikers /climbers with a few challenging and adventurous sections and of course there is abundance of natural scenery and unparalleled views over Nevis Island.

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