Nevis History tour


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Duration:    4 Hours (approx.)

For history enthusiast and visitors who wishes to understand the island history.

Discover Charlestown the capital of Nevis where you will see many historical buildings- Nelson & Hamilton Museums which is the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton.

This is what Nevisadventures call adventure and relaxation in paradise. Nevis has many bright coloured houses and has a charm all of its own and its quiet villages, unspoilt beaches, wonderful accommodations together with a unhurried lifestyle on add to its unique appeal.

Nevis Adventures would like to welcome you to Nevis, in the heart of the Caribbean. It is the home of cycling enthusiasts.  Nevis can be best described as beautiful and tranquil place with a rustic charm. Tropical weather and unspoiled scenery can be explored in Nevis whichever cycling adventure you choose – casual cycling, mountain biking, casual riding, road biking. lets journey together

Our aim is to ensure that your vacation is as action packed and fun filled as you would like it to be.

Biking in Nevis is not only perfect for family and leisurely cycling when you’re on holiday in Nevis, an idyllic island in the Caribbean, but also for serious biking holiday adventure. Nevis, if you are a triathlon enthusiast, is a Caribbean triathlon hotspot.

The unspoilt island of Nevis offers a great choice of biking tracks and cycling trails to suit everyone, no matter what level of fitness and ability, so whether your interest is mountain biking or casual cycling, road biking or triathlon, our company is there to make your vacation as action-packed and fun-filled as you want.

The roads in Nevis are not busy so pleasant to casually cycle on, and the Nevis island main road is also ideally suited to the increasing number of resident and visiting ‘roadies’ – there are Trek road bikes, MTB or Hybrids available to rent.

We can offer the following:

  • Road Bike Tours
  • Kids Trail-a-Long bikes/seats
  • Tandems.
  • Mountain Bike Tours.
  • Hybrid Bike Rentals.


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